Administrative Committee of Community Initiative LEADER

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According to the institutional frame that is in effect for Axis 4 (LEADER approach) for the needs of the Program of Rural Development 2007-2013, the Administrative Council of the company was constituted a committee which was named Administrative Committee of LEADER Program, in which has been assigned a part from its competences, according to the article No11 of the Legal Status of the company.  In that Administrative Council participate eleven institutions which in percentage 45,45% serve interests of the State, and in percentage 54,55% participate institutions that represent social and economic partners.        In particular, in the Administrative Council of LEADER Program participate the following institutions:  

1. Local Union of Municipalities & Communities of Rethemno

2. Local Union of Municipalities & Communities of Heraklion 

3. Municipality of Krousonas   

4. Municipality of Kourites 

5. Municipality of Kouloukonas    

6. Rural – Dairy farming Association of Anogia  

7. Rural Union of Timpaki 

8. Rural Association Union of Milopotamos  

9. Folklore Museum of Zaros      

10. Cultural Union of Melidoni  

11. Youth Union of Fourfouras 

The Administrative Committee of LEADER Program has the following responsibilities:     

  1. To take care for the modification of the program, if it’s necessary and always according to the directions and decisions  of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, during the period of implementation of the program
  2. To approve the program of a wide announcement, briefing and sensitization of local population during the implementation of the local program LEADER, as well as the announcement of the final results of the effects and indicators of development for the total local program.  Finally, the announcement of the national and transnational co-operations
  3. To define not only the Evaluation Committees of the proposals for the candidate final recipients, but also the Objections Committee and each other Committee that is required for the implementation of the program
  4. To define the Follow – up Control Committee for all projects of the program until their final delivery
  5. To operate the competitions and all relative offerings for the evaluation of the local program LEADER
  6. To take care for the publication of informative material and candidature  files, in order to have the desire suggestions from each one who is interested for this program
  7. To take care for the application of the criteria and the process of evaluation of proposals
  8. To select the final recipients, which will be included for aid in the program, based on the results of the evaluation and the proposal of the Responsible Evaluation Committee
  9. To take care for the announcement of  the evaluation results and the briefing of candidate final recipients on the approval or reject of their proposal
  10. To approve the signature of the conventions with the final recipients of the program, as well as their modifications
  11. To reject project with a complete justification, after the proposal of the president of the Administrative Committee of the Program or after the proposal of the program’s coordinator
  12. To take care for the observation of completed files and to provide all the required elements which are related to the program in the Management Department of LEADER
  13. To provide regular information in the Management Department of the program through the monthly reports etc.  Also, it has to collaborate permanently and constructively with the regional and national services that are involved in the implementation of the action and projects of LEADER program
  14. To approve the annual reports on the progress of the program
  15. To take care for the submission of final report of the implementation of the program, as well as, the intermediary and final report of the evaluation
  16. The administrative committee also can recommend Work - Teams or take advice from external advisory services for consultations on special subjects, to proceed in the planning of informative material, to organize exhibitions, etc.
  17. To facilitate all the controls of all responsible bodies, in national and Community level
  18. To collaborate with the director of the company and the coordinator of the program, as well as, to support the executive structure of the program LEADER in order to achieve its objectives
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