Administrative Committee of Psiloritis Natural Park

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The Administrative Committee of Psiloritis Natural Park was recommended with a decision of the Administrative Council of A.K.O.M.M. – Psiloritis Development Agency S.A. (O.L.A.).   The Administrative Council evaluating all the actions of the park and its dynamic as a tool of identification and protection of the Natural and Cultural environment of Psiloritis, decided that it should be given to it a bigger degree of distinguishable and self-existent operation.  That had as a result, the constitution of the Administrative Committee of Psiloritis Natural Park.
The committee has aims and activities which are impressed in its legal status. At the same time, the operation of the park is supported also in financing of Local Authority as well as in the scientific and administrative personnel.
The success of committee’s work will help in the achievement of a main objective, which is the evolution of the committee in the “Official Administrative Institution of Psiloritis Natural Park” in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment Planning and Public Works.
The Administrative Committee of Psiloritis Natural Park is constituted by 9 members which are representatives of Local Authorities, Public Services, Scientific and Research Institutions, Environmental Education Centers, etc.
Below is presented the composition of the Administrative Committee of Psiloritis Natural Park:

a)    Regular Members

1.    Sokratis S. Kefalogiannis, President, (Municipality of Anogia)
2.    Fasoulas Charalampos,Vice-president , (Natural History Museum of Crete)
3.    Oikonomakis Fanouris, (Municipality of Rouvas)
4.    Mavrakis Emmanouel, (Environmental Dep. of Region Crete)
5.    Ioannou Anastasios, (Forest Dep. of Region Crete)
6.    Kefalogianni Zacharenia, (Environmental Educ. Center of Anogia)
7.    Paragamian Kalsout, (Speleological Research Inst. of Greece)
8.    Papadakis Giannis, (Network “Land of Psiloritis”)
9.    Stefanakis Alekos, (Geotechnical Chamber of Gr.-Dep. of Crete)

b)    Surrogate Members
1.    Simantiras Stefanos, (Municipality of Kourites)
2.    Tzouliadakis Themistoklis, (Municipality of Krousonas)
3.    Dakanali Stella, (Environmental Dep. of Region Crete)
4.    Xilouri Georgia , (Forest Dep. of Region Crete)
5.    Karatasos Nikolaos, (Environmental Educ. Center of Anogia)
6.    Fotinakis Konstantinos, (Speleological Research Inst. of Greece)
7.    Iliopoulos Georgios, (Natural History Museum of Crete)
8.    Maniadakis Michalis, (Network “Land of Psiloritis”)

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